We would like to view our supporters as partners – magnates, whose help allows us to conduct the activities of the Foundation undisturbed and concentrate on reaching our goals.

Therefore, for those supporters, who wish to know and possibly also participate in the activities of the Foundation in greater depth, we wish to build a Partner program besides providing with constant feedback.

First of all we would like to publish the opinions of our benefactors on our site. We are glad to receive opinions at all times and the parts deemed to be public can be modified or extended at any time.

We are also preparing to organize professional discussions aimed at making communication easier. By this we do not mean talent management conferences, but thematically organized, structurally non-strict events where our partners can meet each other and have relevant and conceptual discussion and where we can shape the direction of the activities of our Foundation together. Thus, the formally stated openness of our Foundation is actually sustained and our benefactors are welcome to really join. As we wish to conduct our activities transparently, we are keen on giving reports of the collaborations with our supporters. Our Partners can thus choose on which area of our activities they wish to focus their attention.

Beyond support, we are also open for professional Partnership. We regard the joint, agreed upon academic work completed with private individuals or organizations regarding talent management and education to be the pinnacle of our Partnership program.

Our Partners and Supporters

The possibilities for support are manyfold. Many of our former students contribute through their supportive work to the success of our activities. There are some who help in organizational tasks. Some of our former students as well as the parents of our current students offer financial support for our activities.

Companies also support our activities. This support ranges from offering services, office space for free, to considerable financial support.

Our Supporters

Our supporters in previous years

Our benefactors say

Frigyes Janzer

business leader of Prospero Könyvei

I am not only the leader of Prospero, but also the parent of fortunate, talented children. I feel we cannot accept it that only few (say, middle-class) children can be offered a chance. With our support, and also with my personal voluntary work I wish to help giving a chance to develop for less fortunate children as well.

György Vertán

business leader of Tígra Kft.

The support of talented and interested children has been a cause dear to our hearts for years. Be it in sports or science, we gladly offer a hand for the newcomers. As a graduate of the math specialised class at Verseghy Gimnázium myself, I think that talent management should receive the utmost attention, since they represent the future and the fate and reputation of our country depends upon them.

RackForest Tanácsadó Llc.

We at RackForest find it important to show children the vast array of exciting “sciences” and the choices they have already in their childhood. And, should they choose, it is our duty to support and motivate them. It especially pleases us if we may stand in support of the development of logic.

Sonrisa Informatikai Llc.

As a Hungarian IT company, it is especially important for Sonrisa to support a workshop such as The Joy of Thinking Foundation. Thanks to them, each year an increasing number of students will have the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery.