Flying School

Mathematics has a thought provoking as well as a playful side. We believe that this is useful and pleasing to anybody and thus it is our goal to introduce as many students as possible to a beautiful and entertaining mathematics, the joy of independent thought.

It is our objective to seek out and find students who, although talented, did not have the opportunity to bring their abilities to fruition.

The program consists of two parts. During the spring semester of 2017 we sought out many school where, involving the interested students, we tackled mathematics in an unconventional way.

In the second part, starting autumn 2017 we organize a two year long, intense, talent developing series of programs for those students who we came in contact with.

What they said about us

I liked the problem about the card game very much. I would never have thought that even I would be able to come up with a strategy with which I can always win. There I felt like I could find a solution to whatever problem.

I really liked the casual attitude of the teacher, not demanding “university-like” seriousness (since he wasn’t this serious either.) I thought it was a good thing that he had helpers (although this also depends on what kind of helpers came.) I also liked the fact that I didn’t notice that the class was 3 hours long.

What I liked the most was that the problems were interesting, creative and engaging. At last, there wasn’t a possibility for making mistakes by miscounting a long, complicated problem. Here, I had to think about a solution, not apply a pre-learned formula. Thank you very much! I rarely have as good an experience with mathematics as I had during this event! It made my day!

It was very good. I hope the education of mathematics will change in this direction!!!