Gondola program

History and purpose of the Gondola project

The focus of the Gondola program is not the unusually talented, but disadvantaged students. We would like to offer them the possibility of continuing their studies at a secondary school with a quality adapted to their skills. Our Partner in this endeavour is the extracurricular tutoring network at Bátonyterenye whose two tutoring schools we collaborate with. We’ve been working with the children of Bátonyterenye since the beginning and with those of Lucfalva since autumn of 2018.

Our work process

The three main pillars of the pedagogic program of Gondola are the following:

  • We organize about 12 events every semester at Bátorterenye and lately at Lucfalva as well. These classes are primarily based on the didactic methodology developed by Sándor G. Elekes and continued by Krisztián Mózes called Playful logic (Játékos logika.) At the events we work with discovery-based problems which develop logical, verbal, spatial and other abilities and quickly get the attention of the children.
  • We also organize Budapest-set camps which last from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon twice every semester, where the emphasis is gradually directed towards academic development (in mathematics and literature) so as to prepare the children for a successful entry exam into secondary school.
  • The program also encompasses the additional tutoring of children with scholarships via Skype-lessons in the areas of mathematics, literature and even foreign languages. The scholarship-holders receive a monthly sum of 10000 HUF given they meet the necessary requirements i.e. attending all lessons and completing homework as set in the scholarship contract.

Apart from the methods discussed above, we also offer other ways of support by giving donations in firewood or providing those in need with the fees of the internet necessary for Skype-lessons. We also support special tutoring events lead by experts who deal with children with reading or writing difficulties. Optimally we start working with children from 4th or 5th grade so that they may be prepared for secondary school entry exams.

Who are we?

The three main organizers and teachers of the program are: Balázs Hetei, mathematician, teacher. Krisztián Mózes, leader of LogIQa Stúdió, teacher. Frigyes Janzer, business leader, founder and main organizer of the program. Apart from them, about 5 to 6 fresh graduates, university and secondary school students are teaching. The scholarship of two of our children was financed by supportive families. Accommodation during our camps in Budapest is also always offered by supporting families.

Where are were headed?

Our most important short- and medium-term goals:

  • The tutoring school at Lucfalva currently operates in a small room of the local school, also only temporarily. We would like to acquire a school building which naturally could be used for all of the tutoring school’s needs for about 3, 3.5 million HUF. As of march 2019 the collected sum is at 2 thirds of the desired goal. It is apparent that that there is hope for success, although it is imperative that we receive further donations. Status updates about the fund-raiser can also be found on our Facebook-page.
  • We would like to make our three-pillar program available to a larger public. This would require more secondary school students and teachers who volunteer for weekly Skype tutoring sessions, and are open and willing for long-term commitment. Our objectives also require further financial subsidy.

To complete our set goals we would require (apart from the one-time cost of the school building at Lucfalva) an annual imbursement of 1.5 million HUF.

How to reach us


The Facebook page of the Gondola program: https://www.facebook.com/gondolaprogram


Should you have any questions or wish to help, you can contact the organizer of the program via email or phone: frigyes kukac prospero pont hu or +36 30 549 8724


The program’s bank sub account: 11600006-00000000-80400381 (Erste Bank). We also hereby thank you for your support.