Further Activities

Apart from its main roles, the Foundation participates in further activities we consider important. The following is an incomplete list of such projects.

Individual sessions

Our groups are regularly joined by additional students in later camps. Since these camps are thematically built upon each other, knowledge of the material from the previous camps is a prerequisite for full participation. Therefore, newcomers need to be brought up to date of all the knowledge acquired thus far.

We try to pay attention to our students on an individual level. If needed, there is a possibility of private math sessions outside of the usual camp curriculum.

School programs

We meet the majority of our students through MaMuT and the recommendations of the many teachers we know. Additionally, we organize events in various schools with the aim of getting to know the students and potentially discover new talents, who we can invite to our weekend camps.

How to work with talented students?

A course with the title “How to work with talented students?” was held for university students, primarily recommended for those studying for their math teacher degree at ELTE TTK. This was instructed by Lajos Pósa in the first 7 years, and between 2009 and 2015 Péter Juhász took over the task.

Discovery learning: the Pósa method

A course called Discovery Learning: The Pósa Method is held at Budapest Semesters of Mathematics Education by Péter Juhász, which is attended by future math teachers from various North-American universities.